Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dog Lovers @ Wild Oats

After the Beach Show @ the WAVEHOUSE, night is falling and I headed down to Wild Oats in Punggol Park with Mandy for the celebration of Kai Ling's birthday. I was surprised Bailey survived my 'reckless' driving. Basically she just slept through the whole journey, just like her owner. Just in case you don't know who is Bailey, she's just right below..

Wild Oats serves good bites and the ambience was great to chill. We ordered luncheon fries which is basically fried luncheon meat in the shape of french fries. The lychee beer from Taiwan is a really-must-try. Beer lovers or not, its worth trying.

Later, Jasmine & Glen came with Yogi.

I was trying to figure out how to make Bailey sit until Bryan taught me how to make her sit using treats. It took me 2 tries to finally get Bailey to sit.

Yogi: "I smell 'gold'."

Mandy & Yogi

Good Night, people..

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