Sunday, 25 September 2011

We L.O.V.E Flea Market!

We were at FLB Flea 007 @ SOUL, Odeon Tower. I was there with K.C and located ourselves at a "self-proclaimed" BEST location for our stall. Haven't met him for quite some time. Was a great catchup and great "retail" time with the customers. Hope to see them again.


He was staring at woman, people.

Good Night, People.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Reliving Childhood and Everything Good

Childhood. Ah.. that favourite topic that everyone loves to talk about on the dining table or with your colleagues or even strangers that you just met in the bar. We can possibly be talking about it the whole night and strangely for myself, i can never stop at it because i thanked my parents for everything that they had gave me that create the person that i am today.

Childhood, is what had made us who we are right now.

You see that celery in that minestrone soup? "Ewww" is what might had went through your mind when you were 7 but now, who knows that you might be eating celery almost everyday.

Okay, that's exaggerating but what i wanted to say is that you might have find it interesting like why you had done certain things during your childhood which you find it silly now that you cracked so hard on it. When i was in primary school, the most common stereotyping problem i used to face as a boy was, girls are nuisance.

I know i had just put myself in a difficult spot but no doubt, it went through most of the boys' mind during my time. That is why they tried means and ways to harass, disturb the girls. Pulling the ponytails and splashing water from the bottle might ring some of the guys' mind right now.

As i was clearing my room, i found this yo-yo of mine that is still in working condition and it got me wonder why am i not playing it already.

"Because it looks silly for an office boy to play that." okay, i accept that but taking away the silly part, it is because us as an adult now, we have a different focus now.

To work hard, to earn enough, to pay for our bills, to be someone important in the company & etc...

I can list that down through the whole day and i'm pretty sure that this entry is too small for me to fill up.

Alright, enough of talks and here's the pictures.

saw that yo-yo? i might hear some "I had that too!" comments. Compared to other yo-yo at that time, it was considered one of the better yo-yo due to its composition. Blisters are inevitable when you played it too often. Even though i had it, i only knew some basic techniques for those flashy yo-yo tricks. and now, it was "the trend" that i got myself a yo-yo during my childhood. During my childhood, we are already competing on who's IN and the outcast. Pathetic I know but that's life.

I'm pretty sure that almost 99% of the guys know who that character is. Nostalgic isn't it?

I got my first game boy only after entering secondary school. I don't always have the luxury of getting everything i wanted during my childhood but that made me cherish almost everything that I have now.

I've got a photo shoot tomorrow and i must get myself to bed now.

More posts coming up!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Camera&Photos; You&Me


just in case you have no clue where your browser had just brought you to, let me just do a quick introduction to my blog!

This is gonna be my very first photo blog and basically, you will be seeing more photos than words cos' i believe picture does more talking compared with the speed that you just finished reading this very sentence.

The idea of starting this blog is simple, i let my photos do the talking. It is really an amazing thing (maybe insane to you) that i am actually addicted to taking photos more than i ever were. I appreciate beautiful things and instead of looking at them, i wanted to capture them. It's like capturing all the emotions and atmosphere of that moment and capsulate 'em into a glossy colored paper. So whenever, you happened to flip your favourite photo album and saw that certain picture, your mind will be overwhelmed by the emotions at that time.

In order to capture those moments, you need to have: a camera

I'm gonna share with all of y'all the cameras that plays a role in different parts of my life so far..


you see her? my mum took her and took lots of my childhood moments. i appreciated her as she captured different moments of me when i was wearing suit, playing in the playground, riding my favourite tricycle & etc.. until the time when i was old enough, my parents taught me the basics and i took different kinds of picture with her. I guess my mum must be cursing at me for using up too much films. She gave my family the excitement of anticipating the photos we took. we will head down to the photo shop nearby our house and get the negatives done. Right now if i were to bring her out, i think youngster may look at her and think she's outdated. she's now officially retired in my mum's drawer.

she was the first camera i bought with my own payroll that i earned before entering polytechnic. I took her to Taiwan for my graduation trip and took many pictures of food&friends. Soon after taking quite a few pictures, it disappoints me with her incapability in low light.

she's known as the "Mistress", my 2nd most carried-around item whenever i go out. i got her about 3 years back and it was till recently, i started shooting pictures with her like crazy. i did alot of shoots with her and the models. she may not be as good as her friends, 600D but the affection i have for her isn't just about the picture quality she's able to produce.

Looking at the time right now, i feel like shouting "TGIF!"