Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dog Lovers @ Wild Oats

After the Beach Show @ the WAVEHOUSE, night is falling and I headed down to Wild Oats in Punggol Park with Mandy for the celebration of Kai Ling's birthday. I was surprised Bailey survived my 'reckless' driving. Basically she just slept through the whole journey, just like her owner. Just in case you don't know who is Bailey, she's just right below..

Wild Oats serves good bites and the ambience was great to chill. We ordered luncheon fries which is basically fried luncheon meat in the shape of french fries. The lychee beer from Taiwan is a really-must-try. Beer lovers or not, its worth trying.

Later, Jasmine & Glen came with Yogi.

I was trying to figure out how to make Bailey sit until Bryan taught me how to make her sit using treats. It took me 2 tries to finally get Bailey to sit.

Yogi: "I smell 'gold'."

Mandy & Yogi

Good Night, people..

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Beach Show - Best Model of the World 2011: Singapore

Saturday was a hot and sunny day to oogle at hot babes & hunks @ the WAVEHOUSE. If you were there, I'm pretty sure you had a great time looking at these models at the beach show. Don't worry if you have missed it. There will be a preview show @ Zouk on 20 & 27 October (SGD$18.00 for 1 Drinks) so we will see you there!

That will be the casual wear for the Ladies, and now is the beach wear for the Guys..

Alright. now here are the Ladies...

Happy Weekends, Everyone! We'll see you soon til the next event. :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Something's brewing - Part II

I was doing a almost-4-hours shoot for the new blogshop, VOGUE-ING and it was a rewarding experience. i had never shot so much variation in just 4 hours. Currently, VOGUE-ING is having a promotion so check them out.

Happy Shopping! :)

oh ya! LIKE the VOGUE-ING facebook page too!

Michelle (Owner)
Mandy (Talent)
Sueanne (Talent)
Amanda (Make-up Artist)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Something's brewing - Part I

A new blogshop awaits. Check it out soon...

Best Model of The World 2011: Singapore

What you are looking now are the contestants of Best Model Of The World 2011 Singapore. If that's your friend(s) there inside, do make sure to catch them at these dates & venues:

Beach show: 15 October (Sat) 12pm – 5pm at Wave House Sentosa

Preview Shows: 20 & 27 October (Thurs) 8pm at ZOUK

Grand Finals: 4 November (Fri) 8pm at ZOUK

Tickets for Preview shows ($18 with 1 drink),
Grand finals($20 with 1 drink) available at the front counter in ZOUK.
Or call 6454-6410 for bulk bookings of 10 tickets and above.

for more info, please check out Best Model of The World Singapore.

May the Best Model wins..

Other Friendly Links:
Baby by Eddie Ho

27 & more to come..

I was at Ascott opposite One Raffles Quay for Rey's birthday celebration. Firstly, I wasn't sure where was it because CBD area is like a maze to me so, thanks to the cabbie uncle who drove me there. The party was just about to start when I reached.

While i got into the room, i saw Rey wearing a blue vest which i am pretty sure women will drool over that. You will see the picture shortly (or you just saw the picture). Friends were playing Nintendo Wii, eating and chatting away until the game started.

The game we were about to play is sorta like a Taboo guessing game. Joey, Terence, Mandy and me were in the green team. we were cracking our brains and i bet millions of braincells just R.I.P. 3 rounds for each team and we were 1st runner-up. Thank God spare us the yoko-yoko.

The potato salad by Jasmine was awesome. I always love home-made potato salad because it never failed to taste SO nice.

saw that? wipe your drool, girls.

Happy Birthday Boy & Cake!

Rey & the girls women

please proceed for Q numbers.

we love fun pics! :)

Lovely; Funny

The BestFriendsForever

Beauty & the Beast Handsome

Geeks on the Loose!


Hope you enjoyed the Party, Rey! :D