Sunday, 9 October 2011

27 & more to come..

I was at Ascott opposite One Raffles Quay for Rey's birthday celebration. Firstly, I wasn't sure where was it because CBD area is like a maze to me so, thanks to the cabbie uncle who drove me there. The party was just about to start when I reached.

While i got into the room, i saw Rey wearing a blue vest which i am pretty sure women will drool over that. You will see the picture shortly (or you just saw the picture). Friends were playing Nintendo Wii, eating and chatting away until the game started.

The game we were about to play is sorta like a Taboo guessing game. Joey, Terence, Mandy and me were in the green team. we were cracking our brains and i bet millions of braincells just R.I.P. 3 rounds for each team and we were 1st runner-up. Thank God spare us the yoko-yoko.

The potato salad by Jasmine was awesome. I always love home-made potato salad because it never failed to taste SO nice.

saw that? wipe your drool, girls.

Happy Birthday Boy & Cake!

Rey & the girls women

please proceed for Q numbers.

we love fun pics! :)

Lovely; Funny

The BestFriendsForever

Beauty & the Beast Handsome

Geeks on the Loose!


Hope you enjoyed the Party, Rey! :D

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